6. Feb, 2022

A Writer's Pub Crawl

“Hey, Mal. I love reading your books. It always feels like you’re taking me on a pub crawl,” says one of my regular readers, and perhaps he’s right. It seems the plotlines in all my books have drinking hostelries as key locations. I’ve always found a pub an excellent place to people watch and gather material for my books. Well, before you all say it, that’s my lame excuse anyway!


The Asylum Soul
(Set 1929-32) 

*The Anchor, The Crown, The Nags Head, The Royal Oak. All in Knaphill, Woking.

Fly Back and Purify
(Set 1994) 

The Carpenter’s Arms, Camberley, The Crown, Knaphill. The Garibaldi, Knaphill (pictured), Hare and Hounds, Bisley, The Sovereigns, Woking, *Enzo’s Wine Bar, Woking. The Barley Mow, Tiford, Farnham.

An Invisible Nemesis
(Set current day) 

The Cole Hole, Strand, London, Ogilvy’s (Now, The Station Tap), Woking, The Garibaldi, Knaphill.

Grand Hotel, Għajnsielem, Gleneagles, Mgarr, Luzzi Bar, Mgarr, Rosie’s Kiosk, Hondoq Bay, All in Gozo (Malta).

Jude & Bliss
(Set 1896) 

*The Barley Mow, Knaphill, *Brookwood Hotel, Brookwood, Woking, The Garibaldi, Knaphill, The Nags Head, Knaphill, The Railway Hotel (Now, The Sovereigns, Woking) Market Tavern, Mayfair, London and Ye Olde Grapes, Mayfair, London

Fluke’s Cradle
(Set in current day) 

The Ancient Foresters (Now, The Bear), Camberley, *The Avenue, Camberley, The Carpenter’s Arms, Camberley, The Garibaldi, Knaphill, The Nags Head, Knaphill.


* Note: The Barley Mow, Knaphill is now a private dwelling
after it closed in the 1920s, and The Avenue, Camberley
was demolished in the late 1970s.
Enzo's Wine Bar in Woking was also recently demolished.
The Brookwood Hotel is now a solicitor's office.
The Anchor, Knaphill is closed indefinitely.