10. Jul, 2021

Accentuating the Positives from Book Reviews...

After the initial publication of a book, most authors sit and wait with a sense of painful apprehension for the first reviews to appear on Amazon and elsewhere. Their title is out there like a sacrificial lamb ready for slaughter and there’s nothing more they can do. With luck, the first few reviews will be positive, hopefully putting the book in good stead towards its future success. 

Eventually, a bad review will come. In my experience, I’ve learnt to turn that negative into a positive which brings me to the person who stated that one of my titles reminded her of something a teenager might write in preparation for their GCSE exam. Well, as I left school at 15-years-old without any formal qualifications, I took that slur as a compliment, as it proved I had come a long way since those grey days of the early 1970s. 

I have also noticed that some poor reviews have coincided with the free Kindle give-a-ways hosted by Amazon as part of a weekend book promotion. For instance, some people are prone to downloading a title without properly digesting the book’s subject matter and then complain afterwards that it is not for them. “Idiots!” They wouldn’t walk into Foyles or Waterstones and purchase a book they didn’t like! 

Fortunately, though, with all four of my novels, the positives outweigh the negatives by at least 85%, which is a great place to be, especially for a self-published independent author like myself. 

As I write much more than I read, giving a review is a rarity; however, I would NEVER knock a fellow writer by giving them a negative rating. Leaving it alone would be much kinder. 

At the same time, writers like myself thrive on encouragement and positive feedback, so please, if you enjoy a book, always leave your words of appreciation. That kind gesture might just be the nudge to propel your favourite indie author into writing their next tiny masterpiece!