14. Mar, 2021

Those Magic Moments at Twilight Time

As a teenager, it became quite apparent to me and many others that I would probably become a wordsmith rather than a musician. Clearly, playing the first few chords of Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water on a borrowed guitar would not suffice. Frustrating yes, but it still didn’t stop me from always dabbling with music when I had the opportunity. That will never stop!

In the mid-1980s I was reunited with an old mate, Mick Magic as he endearingly calls himself.  We had previously met in the 70s as teenagers in a first-floor coffee lounge called Galini’s in Camberley at the top of the High Street. It was at a time when we considered ourselves to be the new Bohemians. Poetry was our currency and music, a vital backdrop.  Alan Guest, Sean Duffy and Jeremy Goodwin are other writers who I remember frequenting the smoky haze after all the pubs had shut for the night. 

By 1987, Mick had married the lovely Shona, and they had teamed up with Jay and Kate to form Magic Moments at Twilight Time (MMATT). Their music was unique, keyboard, synth and some guitar. On some tracks, sound effects with quirky voiceovers by an animated three-eyed alien baby called Albert. "What?"

Magic Moments at Twilight Time ~ Samples 

I first saw them playing live by chance at the White Hart pub in Frimley and followed them around for the next couple of years. 

In the following months, I forged a collaboration with Mick and Shona who had expertly set a number of my poems to music on cassette tape. The Wedding, Preconception and A Short Time Beside You, with the latter being performed live on stage at the Green Peace Festival in Surrey in September 1987. 

The whole experience inspired me to get involved with music a bit more and so along with keyboard maestro, Paul Wells, we formed a loose partnership called Leviathan. We were short on numbers, and even secured the services of a shop-front mannequin to make it look like we had a female singer. The project was very short-lived, but we did go on to get some great reviews for our EP cassette War Torn and Ravished. Local pop columnist Adrian Creek even compared us to Tangerine Dream in his weekly Pop Scene slot in the Aldershot News, the best-selling local rag at the time.

As an aside, in 1988, one of my few songs, The Unheard of War was performed; live at the St Jame's Tavern, in London's Picadilly by the Irish trio Giro Junction. Sadly, all three members, Tommy, Joey and Lee have all since passed away. 

Getting back to MMATT, I remember waking up on New Year’s Day 1988, at Mick and Shona’s place in Farm Court, Frimley. It was a surreal morning following a party that had gone on to the early hours with a number of us drunk and badly hung-over souls scattered across the wine-soaked front room floor. 

That was the morning I knew my life had to change for the better. (I still doubt if it ever did!)  

Since the 1980s, most recently as Magic Bullet, Mick has valiantly kept the band’s music alive with recent digitisations. It can now be easily found across the internet today. 

Mick says... “Here, give this one a try, I think you'll probably like this, the gentler side of the Bullet...” Morning Mist Over Parrox Hall Farm

Check out Mick's website @ MickMagic.net