Fluke's Cradle - Out Spring 2022

From a child, Eddie Noble had always wondered who his father was. His mother had died shortly after childbirth, and those shielding him from life's future challenges were not forthcoming with any answers. 

As a man now in his forties, and while desperately searching for his mother’s grave, he suffers a serious medical episode and as a consequence, endures a lengthy spell of hospitalisation. 

After waking up from an induced coma, he transgresses to what he thinks is a previous life. A mercenary out of time. A soldier of fortune fighting government forces in the Angola civil war of the 1970s. 

Was his spectacular collapse in the churchyard a subconscious cry for help?

Enter the beautiful Marianne Borg, a psychic medium, Nathaniel Bream, a quirky psychiatric paranormal research scientist, and Professor Allan, a mental health specialist, who all take a particular interest in Eddie's plight.


STATUS: Writing (Approx 95% complete) 

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British Mercenaries preparing to travel from the UK to Angola in 1976