Fluke's Cradle - Out March/April 2022

Eddie Noble had always wondered who his father was. His mother had died shortly after childbirth, and those shielding him from life’s future challenges were not always forthcoming with any answers.

Following a mysterious medical episode whilst searching for his mother’s grave, Eddie becomes increasingly convinced he is the person he was in a previous life. He then undergoes an enforced period of regression therapy to aid his rehabilitation. 

Enter Marianne Borg, a beautiful psychic medium, Nathaniel Bream, a quirky psychiatric paranormal research specialist, and Professor Allan, a mental health scientist who all take a particular interest in Eddie’s plight.   

~ A Forgotten Mercenary and the Realisation of Skipped Time ~ 

British Mercenaries preparing to travel from the UK to Angola in 1976

STATUS: Initial draft complete, now commencing final editing stage prior to proofreading. 

Cover design by Richie Cumberlidge who designed cover for 'Jude & Bliss', now complete. Note: Cover will not be seen until date of publication. 


Please check Twitter and FB for updates. 

Melanie Safka, whose 1970s song, What Do I Keep, is mentioned in the book.

Sometimes, providing a back story of your book before publication can act as a spoiler, however, further to the synopsis above, from experience, readers I know do enjoy a little more insight as they wait for the book to come out. 


Thin Lizzy who arguably released the best version of the song.

Another song featured in ‘Fluke’s Cradle’ is the iconic ‘Whiskey in the Jar,’ a traditional Irish folk song made famous by The Dubliners and  Thin Lizzy with the great, late Phil Lynott (Pictured).


What people are saying...


“Just finished reading the draft for ‘Fluke’s Cradle’, really enjoyed it, it’s a belter!” – Jane Johnson (Co-Editor)