Out April/May 2019

A tale of conspiracy and murder, like no other... 

Mal Foster’s exciting new novel An Invisible Nemesis is expected to be published late April/early May. It’s an explosive tale of conspiracy and murder and is predominately set on the Maltese island of Gozo. Published under the new ‘Frigsake’ imprint, the book will be available in Kindle and paperback formats from Amazon.co.uk, Lulu.com, Barnes & Noble and other outlets. To find out more CLICK HERE


Mal Foster first published his debut novel The Asylum Soul in 2015,  the book has since received many accolades from readers and reviewers and attracted numerous Five Star ratings on Amazon.co.uk, Goodreads and elsewhere. Its often controversial but at times, light-hearted subject matter has also generated worldwide interest after being highlighted in newspapers, writing related magazines, on the radio, and across social media. "It has a sombre Channel 4 Film/TV drama feel to it," said one top reviewer.

The historical novel is cleverly written in diary form and tells the story of a young man, Tommy Compton who was incarcerated at the Brookwood Lunatic Asylum in Surrey, in 1929 with a simple speech defect.

Based on Tommy’s own diary notes, the book is a disturbing account of an innocent young life ripped apart by unthinkable institutional failings, false hope and ultimate family betrayal.' 

The Asylum Soul is available from:- Amazon   Lulu   Barnes & Noble (US)   


A second novel, Fly Back and Purify which came out in 2017 is a paranormal drama set around an unexplained incident at a railway station in leafy Surrey. Upon publication it reached the Top Ten of the Amazon Kindle chart for its genre and has since been highlighted by one reviewer as a title "deserving of its unexpected cult status".

“I write primarily for my own enjoyment and if just a few people enjoy my work along the way, then the whole journey through to publication has been worth it," Mal said to a vibrant gathering at the book's official signing near Woking.

Fly Back and Purify is available from:- Amazon   Lulu   Barnes & Noble (US)   


Top Tip: If purchasing both books, read 'The Asylum Soul' first!


New Novel, "An Invisible Nemesis", COMING SOON!

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