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Novelist, poet and former local journalist Mal Foster was born in 1956 in Farnham, Surrey and grew up in nearby Camberley. He was educated at secondary modern level but left school at just fifteen years old to help support his single mother and younger brother. It was around this time that he began writing, and indeed, his first poems were published soon after. Selected Poems

In 2007 his most widely read poem ‘The Wedding’ was published in the Australian Secondary Schools anthology ‘Poetry Unlocked,’ a book which formed part of the country's English Literature exam curriculum for that year. The irony of its inclusion has always amused Mal considering he left school before gaining any formal qualifications himself.  

His first novel The Asylum Soul, a historical tale of incarceration was published in 2015 while a second book Fly Back and Purify, a paranormal drama appeared in 2017. Described as an explosive conspiracy thriller,  An Invisible Nemesis was published at the beginning of May 2019.

In November 2020, Jude & Bliss was published and marked a return to historical fiction for Mal. "This book is close to my heart, it's the one, I think, which will define the course of my future writing," he told one observer.  

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