23. Apr, 2020

Mal Foster - Life Stories No.20

Gazpacho - Choir of Ancestors

In 2015 I discovered two great bands, Gazpacho, and I am the Morning. The latter is a progressive rock chamber/pop duo from Russia who I had the pleasure of meeting after a gig at the O2 in Islington in November that year. By chance, a couple of weeks later, I met with them again in Woking, in Wetherspoons of all places and we had a great conversation. I have been following singer Marjana Semkina, and pianist Gleb Kolyadin’s progress closely ever since. They are a pair of talented and wonderful guys who have recently won some prestigious awards for their brand of rock and have taken the music media world by storm! 

That same evening in Islington, they were supporting the brilliant Norwegian progressive rock band, Gazpacho who I, with my good mate, fellow writer, Gary Fellows had tickets to see. Gazpacho has produced some great albums, including March of Ghosts, Molok and Tick Tock. Their track ‘Choir of Ancestors’ from Molok is one of my favourite ever pieces of music and the one song with which I feel, quite aptly rounds off this little series of Life Stories. Hear it on YOUTUBE