20. Apr, 2020

Mal Foster - Life Stories No.17

Marillion - Don't Hurt Yourself

2004 was the year my mum passed away. Being at her bedside when she left this earth was quite a surreal experience. We hadn’t really seen eye to eye over the years, it’s just the way it was. However, when my son was born in 1990 it did bring us closer and towards the end, she was always around to help. Mum died on 27 March and having to tell my uncle (her brother), my brother and other family members about her passing was not a very pleasant experience. 

Around the time, Marillion, now with Steve Hogarth at the helm since he replaced Fish in 1989, released their album, ‘Marbles’ which includes the track ‘Don’t Hurt Yourself.’ The song was very relevant to me at the time. Hear it on YOUTUBE