16. Apr, 2020

Mal Foster - Life Stories No.13

Christy Moore - City of Chicago

Tommy and Joey Doyle were two brilliant Irish brothers who I met when they were playing live at the St. James Tavern, a thriving music venue in London's Piccadilly together with Tommy’s wife, Lee in 1987. Their tight little band was known as Giro Junction, later to become The Emerald Doyles. Tommy played mandolin, Joey, guitar while Lee was on backing vocals and percussion. As our friendship strengthened the band played one of the few songs I'd written around that time, ‘The Unheard of War’ live at the same venue.

Sadly, all three of those amazing people have since passed away but I remember their unique brand of traditional Irish music which still resonates with me today. They played some brilliant songs and I have a wonderful collection on tape somewhere. One of many songs I always remember them playing from that period is, ‘City of Chicago’, made famous by Christy Moore.  Hear it on YOUTUBE