14. Apr, 2020

Mal Foster - Life Stories No.11

Magic Moments at Twilight Time - Psychojolting

During the mid to late 1980s various chapters in my life came and went. It felt like I had gone from my Debussy period to a dark Wagner period without immediately noticing. In 1987, myself and a friend, Paul Wells formed a band called Leviathan. It was a keyboard and synthesiser duo. Paul was playing all the fancy stuff while I operated the flange and pulled and twisted all the knobs. We did have some great sound effects and produced a tape called ‘War-Torn and Ravished’ which was available on sale or return at The Rock Box record store in Camberley. Writing in the Aldershot News, music editor, Adrian Creek compared us to Tangerine Dream, which of course, was very flattering. I’ve always found his comments quite amusing. The band was short-lived and Paul and I went our separate ways when I realised I had probably dabbled as far as I could with playing music. Paul carried on as a solo entity for about a year longer.

However, around that time, I was also collaborating with Mick and Shona from the curiously named, Magic Moments at Twilight Time, a fourpiece electronic line-up from Frimley. The guys set a number of my poems to music and I appeared with them in a live performance at the Greenpeace Festival at Frimley Green in 1987. 

Prepare yourselves for something completely different. Hear ‘Psychojolting’ by Magic Moments at Twilight Time on YOUTUBE