6. Apr, 2020

Mal Foster - Life Stories No.3

Rush - Closer to the Heart

My first wife (of three) was Nita. We married too young but were both adult enough to talk our issues through and we split amicably. Without knowing what was to come later, she was the only good egg out of the eventual three and I've always been inclined to thank her for that. That was in the late 1970s. Nita was a pretty young Cilla Black look-alike and often wore distinctive brown-coloured thigh-length boots. Rightly, or wrongly, I still remember those boots. I last spoke to her in 1982!

Nita’s dad was estranged from her family and worked as a chauffeur to the stars. Imagine how I felt when he told me he had driven Leonard Cohen around only a few weeks before and I had missed the opportunity to meet my hero!... In 1977 he sneaked us in free to see Andy Williams at the Royal Albert Hall and then a couple of months later, to see Rush at the Hammersmith Odeon while they were on their now famous  ‘Farewell to Kings’ tour. It was my first real encounter with progressive rock as we now call it and that affinity has indeed, stuck ever since. Hear one of their tracks, ‘Closer to the Heart’ on YOUTUBE