2. Jun, 2019

What a Ride!

My third novel ‘An Invisible Nemesis’ is out ... and what a ride! - I’m talking about the whole process from concept and writing the first page right through to publication itself. I started writing the book in July 2017 and already had the main character, Jack Compton on board. He featured in my previous novel ’Fly Back and Purify’, as a fledgling journalist harbouring a mental health condition. This was in 1994 when he was just twenty-eight-years old... Fast forward twenty-five years and now, he’s a freelance reporter in his fifties.

I completed writing the book in February this year but didn't have time to relax. Patience isn't one of my virtues and I wanted the book out by the summer. February was when the serious bit, the editing came into play. To say that it's an arduous and tricky part of the procedure is an understatement.

The proofread process has always been a niggling problem for me and something I’ve never had much luck with. This time I decided to send the first few chapters to a special friend who came back with some valuable feedback. Her advice prompted me to seek a professional proofreader, so I hired one of the best, but it was at a cost. The manuscript came back much cleaner and was very well polished. That’s the upside. Even after publication, to be honest though, a couple of stray punctuation issues have come to light. Frustrating and annoying? – Yes, but certainly not a show-stopper.

Truth is, any author worth their salt will quickly bring out a second edition to alleviate the problem. This helps address any late issues before a full book marketing campaign begins. So, if you've obtained a copy early on, keep hold of it!

Moving on, what to do with the book when published?  I purposely channelled the paperback version through just one distributor. This has enabled the book to chart. Indeed it made No.1 in Lulu.com’s Top 100 Mystery and Crime chart in its first week of publication and then hit No.1 in their ALL FICTION Top 100 table for May. The paperback is due to be released on Amazon.co.uk and available by order through other outlets by the beginning of July. 

What now? Well, there’s already been a very successful book launch and signing evening in my local pub and other similar events are being planned. Press Releases are going out, including to the Maltese press where the book is predominately set. I’m also looking at the possibility of launching a Facebook promo campaign with a similar event on Amazon once the second edition is available..

People who know me will be aware I’m not in this for the money. UK publishers released more than twenty new titles every hour over the course of 2014, meaning that the country published more books per inhabitant than anywhere else in the world. UK publishers released 184,000 new and revised titles in 2013... If I manage to sell just 1,000 copies of any of my books then I consider that to be an achievement. Essentially, I write primarily for my own enjoyment and if just a few people enjoy my work along the way, then the whole journey through to publication and beyond is worth it!

The nucleus for the next novel (something completely different) is already swirling around in the grey matter!