Jude & Bliss - Out Now!

A Victorian tragedy, Mal Foster's absorbing new historical fiction novel, Jude & Bliss, is Out Now!

'In 1896, Jude Rogers, a wide-eyed but vulnerable sixteen-year-old from Woking, Surrey, secures a position as a domestic servant at a large terraced house in Half Moon Street, near London's Piccadilly.

Following a brief settling-in period, she quickly realises everything is not quite as it seems. As time moves ruthlessly forward, what happens next is almost beyond comprehension. Jude finds herself in the most impossible of situations and finally succumbs to the pure evil dealt out by her employer.'

This story is NOT for the faint-hearted!

'Jude & Bliss' is available in paperback and Kindle formats from Amazon...


In ‘Jude & Bliss’, Mal Foster has created an atmospheric world, that avid readers of historical fiction will want to return to again and again. A wonderfully creative novel, rich in character and setting." - Brenda Jackson (Editor)

An Invisible Nemesis... A tale of conspiracy and murder

Mal Foster's third novel, An Invisible Nemesis recently featured in Gozo News, (Malta) Malta News and Writing Magazine, (UK)

When a Princess Diana look-a-like goes missing just three weeks before the death of the real princess in 1997, suspicions of a conspiracy implicating the UK government, the intelligence and security agencies and the Sicilian mafia begin to unfold. 

Over twenty years later, Jack Compton is a freelance reporter who is on the trail following the murder of Suzanne Camilleri, a fellow journalist on the beautiful Maltese island of Gozo. 

Jack believes that Suzanne, his good friend and former colleague at a now-defunct national Sunday newspaper had been in receipt of recent evidence linked to the missing woman which could expose one of the biggest cover-ups in cross-national modern-day history. 

Protagonist Jack is out to unravel the Maltese connection and make sense of why Suzanne was killed so brutally. He also needs to watch out for himself.  BUY HERE

Independent Review: 
"This is a beautiful book by a very talented author. Cleverly written and populated with some wonderful and intriguing characters. 'An Invisible Nemesis' really does represent the very best in Indie Publishing. It’s an awesome read!" - Fiona Browne

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