Many thanks for taking the time to visit my website, it's greatly appreciated and I hope you will enjoy my writing.

Brief Bio: I was born in Surrey in 1956 and started dabbling with poetry at the age of fifteen. My first poems were published just two years later. My debut novel, ‘The Asylum Soul’ was first published in 2015. My second book, ‘Fly Back and Purify’ came out in July 2017.

I consider myself to be a writer/poet of the ordinary man. I write primarily for my own enjoyment and if just a few people read and enjoy my books along the way, then it's pleasing to know that the whole journey through to publication has been worth it.

I have just started writing a third novel which I hope will be available by the summer of 2019.  

Top Tip: If purchasing both books, read 'The Asylum Soul' first!