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Mal Foster’s exciting new novel ‘An Invisible Nemesis’ is now officially published. The book has already hit the No.1 spot in the Lulu.com Top 100 All Fiction Chart with a similar placing in its Crime and Mystery Top 100 table just after its release in May this year.

Already gaining some early positive reviews from readers, "Addictive", "Awesome", "Compelling", the latest edition is available in Paperback and Kindle e-book formats through Amazon.co.uk and Lulu.com and will be available via other outlets soon. 


...When a Princess Diana look-a-like goes missing just three weeks before the death of the real princess in 1997, suspicions of a conspiracy implicating the UK government, the intelligence and security agencies and the Sicilian mafia begin to unfold. 

Over twenty years later, Jack Compton is a freelance reporter who is on the trail following the murder of Suzanne Camilleri, a fellow journalist on the beautiful Maltese island of Gozo. 

Jack believes that Suzanne, his good friend and former colleague at a now defunct national Sunday newspaper had been in receipt of recent evidence linked to the missing woman which could expose one of the biggest cover-ups in cross-national modern day history. 

Protagonist Jack is out to unravel the Maltese connection and make sense of why Suzanne was killed so brutally. He also needs to watch out for himself.


No.1 Lulu.com Fiction (All Genres) - Top 100 Chart - May 2019

No.1 Lulu.com Mystery & Crime - Top 100 Chart - 1st Week of Publication - May 2019

ISBN - 978 - 0244791131 - First Published May 2019 by Frigsake Publishing

£10.99 Paperback - £3.83 Kindle (228 Pages)


Early Reviews...

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this book: from the beautiful Maltese setting and journalism background to the conspiracy theory surrounding Princess Diana’s death, it is a completely addictive read.” 
- Michelle Emerson 

“If you only read one book this year, make it Mal Foster’s amazing little masterpiece, ‘An Invisible Nemesis’. It’s superbly written with believable characters that you can almost reach out and shake hands with. The book is not just compelling; it’s a wholly enjoyable read and is most certainly his best work yet!”  - Jacqueline Cornthwaite 

"Another great book. It was hard to put down until I'd finished reading it, and my mum loved it too!" - Simon Brown

"Well done, I've just read 'An Invisible Nemesis', Fantastic!" - Rosalind Hill-Watts

“This book is really good. I love the way the identity of the killer is ‘hidden’ right until the end. Brilliant!” – Janette Thomas

"It was so good, I couldn't put it down. Well done Mal Foster!" - Helen Naughton


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