The Asylum Soul

Lunatic asylums were an inescapable hangover of Victorian Britain and they harnessed a certain stigma borne from an environment of fear and shame as well as the great unknown.

For many families the asylum system helped create their darkest ‘skeletons’, and for Thomas (Tommy) Compton, it was unforgiving. In 1929 he was twenty-three years old when his mother had him sent to The Brookwood Lunatic Asylum in Surrey, his only ailment - a simple speech defect.

Based on Tommy’s own diary notes, The Asylum Soul is a disturbing account of an innocent young life ripped apart by unthinkable institutional failings, false hope and ultimate family betrayal.'

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ISBN : 978-1326262198 - First published May 2015 by Publish Nation/ 

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Fly Back and Purify

Recovering from a serious psychological meltdown local journalist Jack Compton gets his big break. In July 1994 an ‘unusual incident’ occurs at Brookwood railway station in leafy Surrey and he’s sent to investigate.

What happens next is a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of implosion that will either make or break him. An event so strange that even those around him cannot explain or comprehend. But with Jack... is it all just a state of mind? 

"A must read for everyone!"
 - Daniel Blow


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ISBN : 978 -0244316082 - First published July 2017 by Publish Nation/

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Top Tip: If purchasing both books together, read 'The Asylum Soul' first!